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A Tree Makes A Deal   3 comments

I’m back to anthropomorphizing nature. And that’s not a good thing. Humans are humans and nature is nature. I leave it up to you as to the state of my sanity. But some  things do make  you stop and wonder.  Previously I considered whether  there was such a thing as suicide in nature. Today I tackle fear. Can  tree fear  for his life, and can he bargain with me

It all began when I drove up the  road on my way home from work and noticed a huge biggie of a branch had fallen on the slope bordering my property. The good news – he showed consideration since his fall was  nowhere near the house and additional points in his favor – the fallen limb was not blocking the road,  so it called for no action on my part.


But what led me to my mental meandering is the  timing. You see,  my neighbor had contracted with  a tree cutting service  – a substantial one.  Most tree-cutting in the neighborhood take 2, maybe 3 hours. But I knew from day 1 this would be serious because  the company left  its truck in said neighborhoods driveway over night. Ditto for day 2.

The result:


No, that doesn’t really show you what occurred. This is more accurate.


And this:


So you see, what I,m thinking is that one of my trees, by dropping that dead branch, was panicking and sending me  a message. I will shed my excess baggage in a non-threatening manner if you promise to let me be.  Which tree? I think it was him.



 Is this a giveaway?


Although it does give me a bit of worry each time we have a  heavy snow storm or wind storm, or Lordy Ms Claudie, a hurricane , I’d never ever think of it. After all,  How long do you think he’s existed?

But I will let you in on a secret. There is one tree whose time may be limited. As I used to say when I was a wee one and had no choice but to obey the parental units. “I don’t wanna but I will. ” If you promise not to tell him, I’ll give you a peek . After all, his fate has not yet been decided. Why would I want to end his life? Well #1. He is alarmingly close to the house.But he’s a strong one. When I moved into the House of Mars 14 years ago, he wasn’t as tall as the house. So the sky’s the limit. Ha-ha The sky’s the limit. No pun was intended!


Three years ago, during early  spring , The snow was very wet, thus very heavy. He shed a 12 ft  limb right next to the house, not on the  house so I choose to see it as his care and consideration. So he still stands.


But there are some arguments against  him.  He has strange feathery leaves, and he chooses to shed them early; which is  right around now.

So I have to start Fall leaf patrol now because these whenever it rains suckers stick to my flip-flops but mysteriously lose their adhesiveness as soon as I go in side and end up plastered to  the white tiles in the dining room and kitchen necessitating clean up number two!


Also not in his favor – the  sidewalk he’s starting to bench press. I don’t want any visitors tripping.


What do you think ? For him?  Or against him?

Meanwhile If you ever come to the  House of Mars, watch your step on the walk.

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Soho Underfoot   1 comment

I am no stranger to Soho. My hairstylist is in Soho and I make an event out of each visit, wandering along different narrow streets, discovering new architectural treasures along the way. But there is always something new to discover and this time I found it by altering my gaze. I began to look down and never looked up again. Except to avoid collisions with wandering tourists

Maybe I should pause for a quick description of Soho just in case you’ve never been there

(Soho is a historic neighborhood ruined by, oops I mean  filled with tourists traipsing in and out of fashionable shops on the narrow side streets, and emerging from Broadway’s conglomeration of  chain stores such as HMS and Old  Navy, laden down with shopping bags filled with items they could have bought at their local  mall.

Among the oldest in New York City, the streets of Soho, deep down in lower Manhattan, have withstood a number of identity changes: farm land to elite mansion-filled neighborhood to red-light district to light industrial manufacturing and wholesale trading area. This last phase, starting in the Forties and lasting through the next two decades, saw the streets bustling by day, but ghostly at night.

That changed in the early seventies when artists in neighboring Greenwich Village found themselves priced out of their studios and apartments by encroaching gentrification. And they drifted into Soho, just to the south. They soon gobbled up the low rent lofts with the high ceilings and tall windows providing light and space for their works of art. And guess what – a typical story in New York – Soho now has the highest rents and most expensive real estate listings in all of Manhattan. Say good-by to the starving, or even successful artists and hello to media celebrities and  technology wunderkind.  

Oh a word of warning  for non-New Yorkers, Soho is an acronym for South of Houston, referring to the street that marks its northern boundary. If you happen to looking for that street, it’s pronounced House-ton.)

But back to me! There I am eyes cast downward, camera-ready

My awakening began early on when I was still en route to my hair cut, so technically I was in pre-wandering mode. Crossing a narrow street, even by Soho standards, and clumsy being my middle name, I was careful to take a second look at what seemed to be  a very high curb bordering a rather un-level street and that’s when I marvelled

Cobblestones! You don’t see these in other parts of the city.


A couple of  hours later, now officially exploring, I chose Prince Street as my route west and began to notice what seemed  to be an inordinate variety of pipes. No, not the smoking kind.

This kind.



In pairs


In Crowds


In all shapes and sizes



And pipes weren’t the only cast iron sights. Although New Yorkers tend to detour around these


I’ve only heard of one or two incidents when they gave way beneath a pedestrian– but you can’t be too careful, it would be a nasty fall.


And then, there were  the delightful odds and ends.

Glass baubles



The Fancy



and The Un-Fancy



Mind you, all this was, and I was still on Prince Street!

Where they love their trees



Eventually I had to head north for the trek up to Grand Central Station. But I had to take my camera out one more time – on Lexington Avenue . I wanted to show you that we, New Yorkers do have manners.




So if I bump into you because I’m looking down, I’ll be sure to say “I’m sorry”.