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Yes, Virginia, There is a Pink Cadillac   1 comment

I guess you could call this part two to A Familiar Sight, a post I wrote about how I’d been obsessed with a white dog who haunted my high school years, appearing only when I  had no witnesses,  and the current illusive Pink Cadillac who has taken  his place. So I suggest if you missed it, you take a look before proceeding.


After that initial, no camera moment, with a score of Pink Cadillac 1, Virginia 0, that dang-nab Pink Cadillac continued to haunt me. One day I looked up from my desk, and there it was approaching the building.

“Look look there it is!”  I may have startled my office mate but at least I had a witness. I grabbed my camera and ran out to the parking lot.

“Where’s the Pink Cadillac?” I asked the woman I’d nearly knocked over

Her answer? What Pink Cadillac?

How could she miss a Pink Cadillac? I began to think I was hallucinating. But no, I did have those two witnesses.

Okay – Pink Cadillac 2, Virginia 0


I took a day off a week or so later and when I returned, this photo was waiting for me in my email inbox.



Was he taunting me? Ol’ PC must have known I wasn’t there and took a leisurely saunter up the road. But what he didn’t know was that I had a trusty office mate armed with a smart  phone

OK   PC – 3   V – 0

I’d almost conceded the game when  what should I see, today? And with my camera within reach –




See,  I wasn’t crazy, not about this anyway.  He’d turned around before entering the lot. That’s why the woman I almost knocked over had said “What Pink Cadillac?”



And so we bid adieux to a mystery.



Now if only I could find that white dog!

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Memo to Self: Take the Camera!   2 comments

When will I learn. I mean, how much effort does it take to tuck a 4 ounce camera in your pocket?

But n-o-o-o-o-o! Time and again, I come upon an snap-shot worthy happening, and  feel like hitting myself in the head a la You could have had a V8 .

This doesn’t happen most of the time since my camera lives in my shoulder bag and nine times out of ten, the bag is slung over my shoulder.  It’s that one time out of ten that trips me up, like that  lunch time walk I took through the office park where I work, when  I came upon   a pink Cadillac parked in the parking lot three buildings down.  I mean, how many times do you see an honest to goodness early sixties behemoth with garish tail fins, and two-toned to boot? Pink with a white roof!  It was just like Bruce  Springsteen  and Natalie Cole sang about so I walked over and looked in the back seat – but neither one was having “a party in the back of the pink Cadillac.”

Then there was last Wednesday. If only I’d thrown the camera into my backpack before I headed out for the gym, I could have grabbed a shot of  the Kentucky Fried Chicken  employee on her dinner break,  heading straight across the parking lot,  in full uniform, visor and all,  making a bee line from KFC to the Chinese take-out  next to the gym.

But don’t worry, you know I always have a picture or two for my posts.

While watching my daily dose of the Today show last week, I had time to grab my camera and get proof that Savannah Guthrie’s dress is directly related to my makeshift laptop bag



My bag


And their distant cousin

My shower curtain