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The Amazing Adaptibility of Animals   3 comments

First of all thank you to everyone who expressed sympathy at the passing of Marcos. Here at The House of Mars, life goes on, as it should. I am undergoing the long process of un-adapting:

  • The first day without Marcos, I came out of the gym to discover it was beginning to rain. I found myself stepping up the pace, the thought I have to get home and let Marcos out before it gets worse, prompting me.  Then reality hit – No you don’t.
  • Saturday afternoon I was preparing my usual bagel and Muenster cheese lunch. As I removed the cheese from its wrapping, I readied myself for the clicking nails that would signal I had to cut a few extra slices for cheese-moocher Marcos. Reality check – just slice enough for yourself.  The Cat Brothers don’t know the pleasure of cheese (nor will I introduce them).

Marcel and Marceau, on the other hand are adapting to Marcos’ bedroom, and his bed on a bed.


Of course, animals cannot express whether it’s easy or hard to adapt to changing circumstances but it amazes me that somehow they do.  On this note we, the remaining Martians,  Marcel,  Marceau and I, V Margaret would like to give a shout out to some of our furry friends and “relatives “ who have adapted.

The Car Brothers’ cousins, Pinky and  Dudley

Pinky and Dudley’s original owner, unfortunately fell victim to Alzheimer’s disease and the considerable upkeep of this glamor gal and glamor guy became too much for the daughter who was caring for her.  Enter my sister-in-law and brother who adopted them. Not every cat gets ultimate adaptation, a living room to match their color scheme.





But alas Pinky and Dudley were not finished adapting. Enter


My niece noticed the bedraggled little kitten hanging out in front of their apartment building. Fellow residents were feeding her, but my niece felt she could do better, so after some first-rate persuasion of her mom and dad, Zelda became part of the family. And so Zelda adapted to being and indoor cat, and to sharing that indoors with Pinky and Dudley. So far, Pinky has adapted better than Dudley (or maybe it’s the other way around).



The Cat Brothers also have a cousin-in-law, once removed and that is ….


Noche lives with my sister-in-law’s sister and her family in a house that serves as the gathering place for various holidays. This means not only does the human presence multiply on these occasions, but often the canine, as well. Sometimes it’s three tiny designer dogs dashing through the house and getting into his favorite places. At other times, it’s a huge chocolate lab throwing his weight about, weight that amounts to about five times Noche’s. But Noche grins and bears it all, the ultimate host.



Then, there’s Charlie.

If you’ve ever watched a dog show you’ve heard of Working Breeds – big guys like St Bernards and Bernese mountain dogs. Charlie is not one of these.  Charlie is a working dog – a nine to fiver in the city, in Manhattan, to be precise, in Soho, to be pinpoint precise. Charlie accompanies my hairstylist Mario Diab to work each day and as soon as he enters the salon, he adapts from family pet to Office Manager.




I’m not just being cute here, Charlie really is the Office Manager.  If you don’t believe me, check out his web-page.

And last but not least, there’s Marcos best friend, Harley.

Harley  brightened Marcos life for his last six months. Harley lives across the street from The House of Mars and would bark and yap each morning when he heard Marcos and I set out on our morning walk; so much so that his owner would have to let him out. The door would open and Harley would leap and bound across the yard. Our walk would have to wait until I’d unleashed Marcos and they’d race about like pups.

I don’t see much of Harley but when I do, he’s adapting to a bomber jacket that matches one worn by his owner.



Meanwhile back home, Marcel and  Marceau branch out in their process of taking over, er adapting to the beds-on a bed.


Peace to all beings – furry and not.