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Ladies of a Certain Age Don’t Just Lunch   2 comments

Ladies of a certain age. Ladies who lunch.

I’m not sure which phrase I dislike more. I find both rather condescending. Having said that, I realize I have reached that certain age, especially having just celebrated a birthday which while it wasn’t a milestone, does bring the next milestone into clearer view. But, hey,  I’m okay with that. I’m still going strong, and so are a few of my contemporaries who recently made the news for their prestigious new jobs at an age when most people, male and female, have retired.

The first is Carmen Farina, the new Chancellor of New York City Public Schools, lured out of retirement in Florida by New York’s new mayor, Bill DeBlasio. In fact, mayor DeBlasio’s announcement came on my birthday and served as a present of sorts. If I was experiencing any concern about moving up a number on my age, it vanished when I heard that Chancellor Farina, at 70 and assuming such a  demanding  job, is (even) older than I am.

Carmen Farina

A few days later, Janet Yellen, who just happens to be five months older than me (but who’s counting) was nominated and confirmed as the new head of the Federal Reserve.

Janet Yellen

So what can I say? Ladies of  a certain Age rule.

Now if only people would stop offering me their seat on the subway when I go into the city to  lunch with ladies who lunch.