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Logan’s Run Syndrome   1 comment

I mentioned last post how the Brother’s Mar came very close to finding themselves outdoors. My fear was not that they were trying to escape but that they’d panic if they found themselves outside. Truth be told, many is the time I’ve had the door open wide as I bring groceries in, and they do not even venture anywhere near the threshold. They started life as  feral kittens in the city who had the good fortune to be trapped along with their mother and litter-mates by a rescue group.


Early into their lives in the House of Mars, each has found himself outside. I came home from work the first time to find a bedroom screen on the ground and a missing Marceau. Frantic searching and calling his name turned up nothing. Twenty four hours later I arrived home  to hear him crying under the deck. Was he there all the time? Only he knows.

A few months later I returned home to find the dining room screen on the deck; Marcel’s turn. Fortunately, or unfortunately he had timed his venture with the first thunderstorm of the summer. Down came the torrential rain, and in came Marcel, preceded by his pitiful yowling. No, outdoors is not their cup of tea. You might say they suffer from Logan’s Run Syndrome.

For those who don’t recall Logan’s Run, and that’s probably the majority of the population, let me fill you in. The movie was out in the summer of 1976.


The plot imagined a future where we lived underground in a hybrid shopping mall / airport concourse  / type structure.


Due to space  restrictions, residents were only allowed thirty years of life. At birth, everyone  had a clear crystal implanted in the palm of their hands, and as they approached thirty, it  began to acquire  a red glow, which come their thirtieth birthday, glowed like a stop signal which made it easy to be hunted down and exterminated.

I became obsessed with seeing it for two reasons. I would be turning thirty in December of that year and experience it while I was still in the glow of my twenties. Reason number two. Farah Fawcett ( I believe she was till the hyphenated  Fawcett-Majors)  was in it . This was the  height of the feathered hair craze she started, and I wanted to check mine against hers.  As it turned out she had a cameo as a hair dresser. But I’m glad I saw it because it had the line of the century.


With his palm  dangerously near to light up time, Logan and a young woman, (not Farah Fawcett-etc ) decide to make a run for  it.


Of course, they have no idea where they’re going but they do find a tunnel after an adventure worthy  of Mad Max or Indiana Jones.escape

They crawl through a  crypt-like Capitol Building in Washington DC, whose tables and chairs are strewn with cobwebs and populated by lounging cats in all states of repose.


Finally they find a cave-like opening to the Great outdoors where they experience fresh air and sunlight for the first time.


At this point the young lady turns to Logan and whines  ( and it was worth sitting through the whole dreadful movie,  just to hear)

“Logan, I hate outside.”