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Be Careful What You Wish For   2 comments

Friday February 7 marked a year since Marcos left the House of Mars for the last time. I can’t say the time flew because his passing really changed the  atmosphere and energy of the house. Speaking of energy, February 5 marked 5 months since Marble took up residence. Only 5 months? It seem like a lifetime and I’m not sure how I mean that.

Although Marcos was an extremely mellow dog, he had his moments when I first rescued him. There was his talent for honing in and snatching up anything on the street with a shelf life of 10 years or less. We had some battles royal as I’d try to wrestle unrecognizable specimens of food from his jaws of steel. I’m amazed no one ever reported me to animal control for abusing a dog. His best stunt was the time he managed to grab an extra-large slice of pizza from a box lying along  the road and swallow it seemingly whole.

I don’t know how many times I commented “you must have been into everything when you were a pup. I wish I knew you then.”

Into everything!That  brings me back to Marble. Looking back, I realize there were signs. When I called the rescue group back in September to inquire about him, I was told he was a “character.” And then, when he had exploratory surgery for an intestinal ailment that was never diagnosed, the vet could not stop marveling about how “bright” he was. Put bright and character together and you get the demon of The House of Mars.

I could go into a gazillion anecdotes but don’t they say a picture is worth a thousand words?

DSCN0991He was uncharacteristically accepting of this post-operative collar he had to wear. Maybe he  knew the surgery cost as much as my second car!

But let’s get to the healthy bright character:


Let’s see, I wished I’d known what a mischievous pup Marcos had been.

Marcos died February 7


Marble was born March 5.


Just saying……….

Be careful what you wish for!


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