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The Monkey Mind Has His Say   1 comment

I have a monkey mind. So do you. It’s part of being human. The monkey mind is ever active, like the proverbial barrel full of…….

It throws out distracting thoughts during the day, conjures up dreams each night. He’s a crafty little critter, ever ready to tiptoe in and take over. There you are reading a book, and he pops up with   I wonder if there’s enough coffee for tomorrow morning.

Or maybe you’re meditating or praying in church. Now what did Tizzy mean when she said that, yesterday?

Then there are the times you’re watching a TV program and totally miss the best part because Monkey Mind was deciding   – Should I wear the black shoes or the grey ones tomorrow?

I don’t know about your monkey mind but mine is ubiquitous and hyperactive. He loves crouching behind my monitor at work, or peeking out from between the pages of my newspaper. My usual response is Now what was I doing? or Where was I?

Since he always is asking questions I’ve named my monkey mind George. I practice meditation and yoga to gain a modicum of control over George, and it does help,  but there are times I have  to smile. He can be cute, especially when he comes up with the darndest questions.

Since he’s been a good boy, I’ve promised him he could have his own say in this post. But I’ve limited him to five questions. So without further ado, I present to you the curious questions of George, my monkey mind.

When did melted cheese sandwiches become grilled cheese sandwiches?

melted cheese sandwich

Why do people grunt mmm hmm instead of saying “You’re welcome” when you hold the door for them?

You’re welcome

Why did everyone switch  their cellphone ringtones from songs to actual ringing so that now everyone has to check their phones to see if it’s their phone that’s ringing?

Is that my phone?

Why do we say sick to my stomach but not sick to my throat or sick to my allergies?

Sick to her stomach


And my favorite ……….(drum roll please)………….


If Mitt Romney were to win the election would he replace Medicare with Mitticare?

Mitticare Card.
Part A – Hospital
Part B – Mittical


I’m sure your monkey mind can come up with some doozies. Won’t you please share them in the comments section?