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I Fell For It, Don’t you!   3 comments

Before I accuse supermarkets of a deceitful practice, let me give them the benefit of a very minute doubt. Maybe a customer was careless in replacing a bottle of salad dressing to its rightful place on the shelf.  But the more and more I think about it, the more that doubt shrinks. OK, here’s what happened.

As usual I consulted my supermarket’s weekly flyer and made my list. It’s not easy but sometimes I manage to buy only things that are on sale. Wishbone salad dressing  happened to be one.


Since I tend to  shop late in the day and at the end of the sale period, items are often sold out. But I was in luck . A few bottles were still on the shelf. I checked the price on the shelf and brought it home.


Now I don’t always go into a detailed review of my cash register receipt, usually settling for a fast eyeballing of it before I leave the store. But on Saturday I brought it home and went over it.

Wishbone Blue Cheese, $3.99 what the fugazi?  That’s a long way from $1.49!!!!


I looked at the bottle and saw what had happened. I had bought the 24 oz bottle instead of the 16 oz that was on sale.


Okay I should have been more careful, but the sign right below it had said On Sale $1.49. Still the burden of making sure falls on me. But, you know this isn’t the first time I’ve come across the wrong size, or even a different brand being “in the wrong place.”….and  not just in this store.

I see it everywhere. So much that I can’t help but  wonder if it’s intentional. In fact  I’ve been meaning to write about it for a while so I’d already been gathering evidence as I came across it.

DSCN0329These are Extra Large, not Large

DSCN0460These are the store brand, not the Vintage brand that were on sale.

So listen, when you’re out there in the aisles,  be careful – don’t grab just anything off the shelf.

DSCN0328If your store has one of these, use it!

Meanwhile, guess what’s in this bag I’ll be bringing back to the store on Saturday?




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