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They survived to See Another Christmas……..   8 comments

… But there were times I wasn’t so sure. I’m talking about my Christmas tree ornaments, and the reason for my worry was


You know what they say  about not seeing the forest for the trees,  I figured it was just a matter of time, but I was presently surprised.


Marble, the kitten of endless exploration,  was no more interested in the tree than the jaded brothers,


DSCN1103or Marceau, both of whom were celebrating their ninth Christmas at The  House of Mars


As for the ornaments about which I was concerned? First off,  first of all there was this…


and this…


These ornaments are older than I am, made just after World War II when metals were still in short supply. I believe they’re vintage 1946 from my parent’s first Christmas tree.

Then there are  these…


See the white ones? I found them in the attic shortly after moving into The House of Mars, and when I leave , I’d like to leave them with a note for the next owners. Then, there’s


This was given to me by my friend Fran at a Christmas Eve dinner she hosted in 2005. She left ornaments at each place setting, by chance, and asked of each of us, in place of grace,  if it signified anything. For me, since it portrayed the Rockefeller Center tree and skating rink, it reminded me of my Aunt Ginny who, starting when I was four, would meet my mother and me each Friday evening at the rink after leaving work at The New York Times, to teach me to ice skate. Aunt Ginny had passed away in 1998 of breast cancer, and Fran was also to pass away in 2007 of Ovarian cancer.

Then there was the tree topper…


sent to me by a friend at Christmas 2004, because it reminded her of my beloved Fremont. Alas, she knew not that Fremont had passed over in August of that year. Speaking of beloveds who are no longer with is. This was given to Marcos a couple of years ago. Last year was his last Christmas on the planet.


Oh my, I’m getting a bit morose here so let me end on a joyous note.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I’ve survived yet another year, too.  YAY!!!!!!



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