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Waste not, Want not   5 comments

Waste not…….

Want not….


What kind of phone do you  have? An iPhone? Blackberry? Android?

smart phone



I have a flip phone.




I love it dearly……….

Well, maybe I don’t love it,  and if I do…..maybe not dearly……

Admire, that’s a  better choice. It’s indestructible. I don’t even remember how long I’ve had it. Five, Six years?

Two or three years ago , I decided that when the battery dies I’ll upgrade since Verizon had started sending me free offers.



But the battery won’t die!

So why don’t I just go ahead and upgrade anyway?

It’s those staving kinds in China, (or was it Korea?)

People who were kids in the 50’s will recall being admonished  with “Think of all the starving kids in Korea (China?)” when they didn’t finish the food on their plate.

I think that’s when it all began; guilt in throwing anything out while I still could get some use out of it.

Neither my friends nor I  ever asked and no one ever explained what difference it made to the starving kids in China (Korea?) whether we finished our food or not. They’d still be starving but kids of 50’s didn’t ask  questions. We might be branded a smart-aleck. No we just sat and sulked over our plates.

Now about those kinds in China (Korea?)  They are now in their 60’s (unless they starved).  And you know what? I bet they all have  better phones than I do!

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go charge my phone.


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