The Monkey Mind   2 comments

What you are about to read is a result of  The Monkey Mind* rambling wild and free.

People I pass on the street see a normal (ha-ha) woman shopping, walking her dog, jogging. Fellow gym members see me working out each evening. Co-workers see me blogging, studying my twitter feeds, posting to Facebook, performing all the duties of my SEO (search engine optimization)  position. Little do they know of the monkey mind running amok within.

Each night I come home to The House of Mars where the monkey musings rule. Yoga and meditation go a long way in taming my monkeys. But the UN-tamable are set loose on these pages.


*Buddha described the human mind as being filled with rambunctious monkeys darting here and there, somersaulting through the air, landing to bounce back and start all over. In other words, these are the thoughts that distract us from our work, feed our daydreams, and stoke our fears.

Posted December 9, 2011 by virginiafair

2 responses to “The Monkey Mind

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  1. Virginia…. i am totally in awe of your writing skills…………. keep on with the randy monkeys. (ohhhhh sorry, that was rambunctious, not randy)

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