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My father used to chide me for having to get the last word all the time. To which I’d reply “No, I don’t.” Well this time I think I’m getting the first word in, or at least I believe I am, since I haven’t heard it discussed on TV nor read it in the paper. The word is branding and it’s my opinion on why Donald J. Trump is running for president.He wants to brand the presidency, put his name on it.

Trump wine, Trump steaks, Trump University. Like a dog who lifts his leg to mark everything in sight, the man has an egotistical compulsion to put his name on everything he sees. During the course of the primaries, it was brought to the attention of the press that while he really does own Trump Tower and the failing Trump casinos, many of the other enterprises merely paid him to use his name – a win/win situation for all involved, except  the innocent people who spent their money  on any of his brands.

While he has managed to muster enough votes to become the Republican candidate, he has also garnered criticism for not having a plan. This ties in with my branding idea. He has no plan because he doesn’t need one. If he gets in, he intends to leave running the government up to other people, his board members, so to speak.

I came upon an article in the New York Times Sunday Magazine a few weeks back, a very long one, and as I made my way through it,  I thought the author, Mark Leibovich  was going to touch upon the branding concept. But the nearest he came, was mentioning at one point that”Trump has outsourced a great deal of the nitty-gritty of an enormous general election campaign” to the Republican National Committee. And a little further on, he cited Trump’s “willingness to outsource the conservative  ‘idea’ architecture to Paul Ryan and like-minded Republicans.

Then at the Democratic Convention last Wednesday night when President Obama declared “The Donald is not an ideas man,” he came close, but no cigar. And I held my breath on Thursday because Hilary came closest, when in the middle of her acceptance speech she assured us that “The family I came from did not put our name on buildings.” But again, nope, no B word.

Although Mr Leibovich may never have used the word, branding in his article, the picture accompanying it is worth a thousand words.




9 responses to “Getting the First Word In

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  1. I think you got it! I haven’t heard of that word being used in conjunction with Trump’s objectives either. In his own words, if he won the presidency, it would be a “yuuuuge disaster!”

  2. Never really thought about this…interesting! We don’t care at all for the ‘Clinton brand’, so we’re going to choose the ‘Trump brand’, and pray that he has wise “board members” 🙂 It’s also called choosing the lesser of two evils… God help us!

  3. Swore I wouldn’t read any more trump-stuff cause it makes me crazy, but have to say you’re on to a great idea. The Republicans are paying Trump to brand the Presidency, and when he gets elected, he’ll walk away and they’ll run it and forever after anyone elected will be called, e.g. Mr. or Ms. Smith, the new Trumpident of the USA.

  4. Major ditto to “his evil is not less” – his evil is uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge, believe me!

  5. Although I have sworn to rid my home of all references to Trump (he is driving me insane with his insaity), I have to accept there is no Trump-free zone, and so I will offer that you have come upon an original idea. Trump will brand the Presidency, and will then leave it for others to sort out and take care of. All newcomers to the office, if there are any more, will thereafter be called, e.g. Mr. Smith or Ms. Smith (a Ms. Smith candidate is doubtful in the new Trump world) Trumpident Smith. The Trumpidency will be reserved for….You can complete the line.

    Susan Schefflein

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