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Last week I found myself smack dab in the middle of The Name Game. For those of you too young to remember The Name Game, although it sounds like a television show, it wasn’t. The Name Game was a song that was popular back in the 60’s. Although it was pretty ridiculous ,it was catchy and somewhat of an ear worm.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term ear worm it’s a song you should run screaming from because once it gets into your head, you can’t get it out.  It bores into your brain and you find yourself humming, singing, whistling – whatever – all day long. Ear-worms are patient. They can  lie dormant for  long periods of time, but once awakened – watch out!  The Lion Sleeps Tonight has been dozing in my head since high school. Drat, now I’ve gone and let him out!

The Lion Sleeps tonight

Oops, Sorry for the digression ….oh yes, The Name Game

The name Game

. It went like this

Shirley, Shirley bo Birley Bonana fanna fo Firley
Fee fy mo Mirley, Shirley!
Lincoln, Lincoln bo Bincoln Bonana fanna fo Fincoln
Fee fy mo Mincoln, Lincoln!
Come on everybody!
I say now let’s play a game
I betcha I can make a rhyme out of anybody’s name
The first letter of the name, I treat it like it wasn’t there
But a B or an F or an M will appear
And then I say bo add a B then I say the name and Bonana fanna and a
And then I say the name again with an F very plain
and a fee fy and a mo
And then I say the name again with an M this time
and there isn’t any name that I can’t rhyme
Arnold, Arnold bo Barnold Bonana fanna fo Farnold
Fee fy mo Marnold Arnold!
Luckily there are no sound effects to this blog or the song would be loose in your head by now,
but bear with me, this is all germane to my story.
(And for you information, I can hear you, whoever just said “This better be worth it!”)
…………OK on to ……….tada !!!!…… story………….
I was speaking to  a young lady recently. Her name was N. Lipscombe. I immediately thought of Sharon McLean, my bestest BFF in all the world back in fourth grade. I thought of Sharon because she had a cousin named Rudy Lipscombe. I asked Ms Lipscombe if she had a grandfather by that name (sigh yes, grandfather, time marches on) Her face lit up and she said she did have a great-uncle (double sigh) who passed away a couple of years ago (triple sigh), and although Rudy wasn’t his given name she thought he may have gone by it. I told her I didn’t think Rudy’s given name was Rudy, either but I didn’t remember what his real name was.
She told me her family was from Virginia, and now I was getting jump-up-and-down excited because I remembered Sharon’s grandmother, who was also Rudy’s, was from Virginia. Ms Lipscombe said she was getting goosebumps and as soon as our appointment was over, she’d text her father and ask him. As I left I gave her a whole set of names our conversation had unleashed – Mrs, Ryals (Sharon’s grandmother);
Aunt Louetta (Sharon’s aunt  – Rudy’s mother)
Young fashionable Aunt Fannie who had a handsome boyfriend.
And oh, yes – Uncle Robbie who was in the Air Force and brought home a real German wife —  with an accent and everything!
Can you tell I spent a lot of time at Sharon’s?
It wasn’t until I arrived home that afternoon that the most important name popped -into my head – Giscombe. Rudy’s last Giscombe – not Lipscombe!.

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  1. “Never mind” – Emily Litella

  2. Oh, Ginny! What have U done! The worm turns.

  3. Well, now you’ve gone and done it! I’ll be hearing that stupid song in my head all night 🙂 As for name games, we play a lot of those around here! We can never remember old “what-cha-ma-call-it’s” name! Ha Ha
    Sorry to hear that you celebrated the first day of spring with MORE SNOW! I can’t believe it!!!
    I’m happy to report, all electrical outlets are working properly, today, and the IRS has finally accepted our daughter’s federal return, even tho’ her state return is still pending…

  4. You’ve done it again! You have taken something so much a part of our every day life such as forgetting a name and made it so so funny. You see the sunny side of the street and that is why I love reading your blogs.

    Susan Schefflein

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