A Warm Surprise on A Frozen Day   2 comments

If you recall, back in January, I posted a blog titled Wood you Believe Number 19? If you don’t here it is. I’d related how  the USPS deposited a Christmas card addressed to #19 Wood……. in my #19 Wood………mailbox. The only problem was the sender in Hialeah Florida thought it was en route to #19 Wood……. in Jamaica West Indies. I felt bad since the sender had gone to the trouble of going to the airport and spending the money needed for foreign air mail postage. So I put it in an envelope along with a note explaining why it was arriving late, and went to the post office (Not the one that had obliviously delivered the wayward card) and sent it on its way to Jamaica.

Happy ending to the story — or so I thought.

But a happier yet ending was yet to be –  a warm one that arrived on a single digit day

I stopped at my #19 mailbox  a few weeks ago and extracted a large card addressed to #19, and immediately my eye went to the colorful stamps.

DSCN1853Inside I found

DSCN1852It was from Mrs Enid Wiggams, who resides at #19….. in Jamaica.

She added a lovely note and made a point of including her address. Do you think it was a hint she’d like a Christmas card next year? Probably not, but I’ve saved the card so I can send her one.


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2 responses to “A Warm Surprise on A Frozen Day

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  1. Aw, what a nice ending to your story! I’m so glad Mrs. Wiggams took the time to let you know she appreciated your kind gesture 🙂 That had to make your heart feel a little warmer on that single digit day!
    And while I’m on the subject of kind gestures, I want to thank you again for your comments. I always look forward to them 🙂 Thank you, too, for reminding me that I could always have it worse–by living in single temperatures and shoveling snow!!! (I don’t think I’d like that very much)
    Today, I’m a happy camper, it’s a warm and sunny 70 degrees outside. I’m going to enjoy it while I can, because the cold and rain are scheduled to return at the end of the week 😦 We actually sat outside, yesterday, and cooked chicken on the grill… Life was good!

  2. great story

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