I Should Have Kept My Eye on The Ocean!!!!!   1 comment

I had one of the most bizarre occurences happen to me last Friday, and it’s all eerily related to last week’s blog post,  I Should Have My Eye on the Ocean. It centered around a day at the beach, and I referenced a line from the movie, Kindergarten cop “Kindergarten is like the ocean. Never turn your back on it.”

Let me digress for a moment to explain that I’ve established a pen-pal relationship with another blogger. Her blog is Reflections…by Kathy.  Kathy and I have some  kind of psychic connection. There have been more than one occasion where we post about the same topic. We always comment on each other’s blogs but sometimes a topic deserves a longer conversation and for that we resort to email.

The Kindergarten Cop quote was just such an occasion. I don’t recall her exact words but she  wrote something to the effect, “You must have been thinking of me. I find it hard to take my eye off the ocean — even if I’m reading a book.”

Well, there I was at the beach Friday. Reading my book – not really that close to the surf when…….


See the wet sand. That’s where we were sitting. Notice the rogue wave encompassed nothing else.


I tossed my towel and my bag with camera and phone in it up to the dry sand but my sunglasses got left behind.




but despite a few war wounds, they survivedDSCN1641


OK OK, I’m not dense. I get the message. I’m going to listen to Kathy, and the K-cop. From now on, I’ll read a sentence….check on the ocean…. read a sentence….check on the ocean.


Or maybe I’ll just stick to my local beach.


It’s on a lake.


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One response to “I Should Have Kept My Eye on The Ocean!!!!!

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  1. Ha! Ha! That was some rogue wave! I took my book to the beach, on Friday, but it never even left my bag… Remember, “Eyes on the ocean!” 🙂

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