I Should Have My Eye on the Ocean   4 comments

I’m usually terrible at remembering the names of movies and actors, let alone quoting lines. With one exception – Kindergarten Cop! I’m probably the only person who remembers the movie, let alone quotes a line from this Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. Yes, I have, and, warning –  I’m  about to do so again.

Arnold, an undercover cop,  is “teaching” a kindergarten class as part of his cover. When he turns his attention to something or other (see what I mean about remembering movies)  the kids, as Kindergarteners are wont to do, see their chance and have a free for all worthy of the food fight scene in Animal House – but without the food.

Another teacher who happens to be his love interest comes in and instantly restores order, than leaves him with the parting words. “Kindergarten is like the ocean. Never turn your back on it.”


Oh how I love this line ! I was a kindergarten teacher at the time the movie came out, and believe me, no truer words were ever spoken.  Maybe I’ll have it engraved on my tombstone!

What brought the line to mind? The ocean, of course. I was strolling along the beach and realized the power of  the ocean.


Fortunately she’d harnessed it and put it to good use – as a re-decorator.

See this continuous ridge of sand along the beach?


It wasn’t there last year.


And how about these stones?


Have you ever seen anything so perfect and smooth?

I wasn’t the only one taking in the serenity,

DSCN1534So were the year round residents.


You’ll notice the sea gulls are not turning their back on the ocean. I wish I hadn’t either because when I did, I saw a sight that stopped me dead in my tracks. WTF is that? I asked.


Now why would anyone want to come to the beach and wall themselves off from Mother Nature’s marvelous creations


And OMG,  – another one!


Where do they sell them? And Why? Why come to the beach if you’re going to sit surrounded by a striped fence? Did they hate the wind? Blowing sand? Want privacy?

I don’t know, I give up.   It wasn’t worth getting so worked up over. Besides it was none of my business.  As I gave them one last look, another quote came to mind and I sent the thought it conveyed to  the enveloped beachgoers.

It was  my dad’s old stand-by  from the 60’s when the teenaged me would ask him

Daddy do you like my new hairstyle?


Daddy, look at these great bell  bottoms!”


Daddy, look at this mini-skirt I just bought.”

He’d give me his full attention, look carefully, and reply

As  long as it makes you happy, that’s all the matters.





4 responses to “I Should Have My Eye on the Ocean

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    Bob & Judy Schavrien
  2. Oh, Virginia! Did you think of me when you wrote this post?! I’d never turn my back on the ocean! I find it difficult to even take my eyes off of it long enough to read a few pages in a book!

    By the way, I remember the movie Kindergarten Cop very well 🙂

  3. Virginia, You have such a subtle sense of humor. You always catch me and make me think there is so much in life that has humor in it that I don’t take time to cherish, such as a comment from Arnold. Love the way you open up the simplest moment to a world of thought.

    Susan Schefflein
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