It All Started With a Pink Pig   3 comments

I came home one March evening to discover a waiting line at the litter box.DSCN1318

I knew where he had come from but I went upstairs to check, just the same.



These are stuffed animals which a boyfriend used to win for me at festivals, or send as gifts while we were together. They’d been gathering dust and I had been successful at procrastinating over how to dispose of them. By the way, they were neatly arranged against the wall last time I remember being up in the loft. I guess I don’t go up there as often as I should!



Over the next two weeks or so, I’d come home from work to discover that the migration was continuing.



Some didn’t quite make it down the stairs.


Some made it down the stairs, but just barely.


Had word gotten around that I was considering evicting them after all these years, or was something else going on?  I was leaning toward the latter but I had yet to catch him in the act.

As you can see by the look on his face,  Marceau knew but he wasn’t saying.


Aha! Finally. Who else but Marble!


Now that the cat was out of the bag, he showed no restraint


I must say I was impressed. She’s bigger than he is


I decided to experiment. I’d set them up down here and see if he’d get  bored and bring them back upstairs.


A few days later.


He’s moving them. But this isn’t quite what I had in mind.


 I’d do it myself but Marceau seems to have taken a liking to the arrangement. (Look closely!)



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3 responses to “It All Started With a Pink Pig

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  1. How funny!!!
  2. Ha! You need one of those motion activated cameras to see just what goes on in your absence 🙂 On second thought, it’s probably better that you don’t know…

  3. Looks like Drew Barrymore in “ET”!

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