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Recently I’ve come up against conflicting opinions  regarding the relationship between reality and perception. The funny thing is up until a few months ago, I’d never ever stopped to consider the possibilities, but then a coworker commented that 97% of reality is perception. It intrigued me and I thought a bit about it – but not that much!

Then this past Saturday I stopped for some take-out food and as the owner went back to the kitchen to bag my order I noticed a piece of paper put up next to the swinging door, proclaiming that perception is not  reality. I wanted to ask him what it meant but by the time he came back, I had forgotten. Oh, well.

This all fit in with a blog idea I’ve been tossing about for a while, even taking notes for, but never managing to get around to putting it into words. This is kind of funny because it’s all about words, and  mis-perceptions that have brought a smile to my face when I realize I’ve read something too fast, or listened with half an  ear and a quarter of a brain.

While listening to a food show on PBS, I heard

  • “Use a nice dirty baking potato.”
  • Everyone else heard ” a nice sturdy baking potato.”


On another PBS show, this one on travel, I heard the host  lament

  • the hunting of “an endangered wino”.
  • Everyone else heard “endangered rhino.”


I guess I watch a lot of PBS shows. This time it was a gardening show. I heard

  • “Let the seeds urinate.
  • Everyone else was  told to “Let the seeds germinate.


On a health and beauty segment of the news about weight loss. I heard

  • surgery is often necessary to tighten up blue skin
  • Other listeners hear it was  loose skin that needed tightening up


And last but not least, on a health and beauty show, I was reminded how important it was to my health

  • to get lots of wedgies
  • A whole different reality than getting lots of veggies.

If you think I don’t listen well, wait until I tell you what I’ve read. But that will have to wait for another time, another place. For now, so long, it’s been real!

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2 responses to “Perception vs Reality

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  1. This one cracked me up.

  2. Oh my goodness! This was funny 🙂 “Half an ear and a quarter of a brain”, that pretty much sums us up, these days, doesn’t it? LOL

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