Be Careful, Big Survey is Watching   3 comments

Have you noticed, or is just the circles I travel in, that the survey has taken the place of Big Brother? Or maybe the survey is today’s hallway monitor. Here’s what I’m talking about.

Every time I take my car to the Hyundai dealership for service, everything is impeccable, the service, the price, the clean and comfortable waiting room equipped with wi-fi, coffee, and TV. And every time as I’m leaving,  the courteous super-helpful service manager walks me to my car, opens the door and while I’m fastening the safety belt, reminds me yet again that “Someone will be calling or emailing you with a survey about your experience here today.”

Different scene, similar survey:

Once a year I go to my local hospital for ultrasound testing. Since ultrasound is utterly painless and non-obtrusive I actually enjoy it. But then the experience is tainted  when the technician walks me to the front desk and not only reminds me, verbally,  that I will be receiving a survey in the mail, but hands me a paper reminding me of the same.

And then there are the times I don’t even have to leave the house to be faced with that ghostly specter. Case in point, I came home Friday night at about 10 PM to find that not only was I lacking  access to all but three stations on cable TV but my internet was out too.  After an hour of reading about trouble-shooting and trying my hand at  it, I gave up  and called Optimum, my service provider

Believe it or not, not only was I  able to reach a real live person  at that time of night, but  he was in Connecticut and not India! After a bit of trouble shooting and futile  attempts to remedy the situation remotely, he told me he could schedule a technician to come out the very next day  – Saturday!!! And then he had to go and ruin it. Yes he asked me if I would stay on the line to answer a brief survey about my experience on this call.

So what am I getting at here? all three individuals, the service manager, the ultra-sound technician, and the customer service agent were all very forthcoming about asking me to give them a positive rating , saying that their job performance reviews depended on it. This leads one to wonder would they be quite so super-nice, so utterly professional and so competent, professional and efficient without that survey dangling over their heads? I’d like to think so.

PS   my cable and internet are working better than ever after the technician’s visit. “The Cable Guy” discovered I was getting absolutely zilch, zero, nada signal so he had to trace my connection outward to locate the problem. Speaking of someone doing his job well!  He started with  the basement – nothing.

So he checked the  connection into the house

DSCN1302Unfortunately, still no signal and if you think that involved a bit of climbing,

his next stop was the utility pole.

DSCN1303But before you say yeah, that’s his job…….

Take a look at the other side of the story .

DSCN1304That’s quite a lean angle for a ladder to reach the top of the pole.

And there lay the problem.  Squirrels! Squirrels had eaten the wires!

So despite the frigid temperature he put up a new line from the pole to the house to the basement junction box, and  now I have a super strong signal and faster download times.

But there was one problem. As he was leaving he told me I’d be contacted for a survey!


3 responses to “Be Careful, Big Survey is Watching

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  1. Well, there must be something in the water that the squirrels in our community drink. It causes them to do crazy things – like jumping the bird feeder and chewing it up until it looks like Swiss cheese, and for Heaven’s sake, eating up TV cable wires. No wonder squirrels are constantly getting fried in the electric transformers. They just don’t know when to stop.
    Back to the surveys – we need them. If people don’t say how they liked the service, there is no way of knowing if someone is doing his/her job. It may be time-consuming and frustrating, but it helps to keep good people on the job and keeps people on their toes.

    Perhaps we could send a few surveys up the trees and ask the squirrels if they like the eatables they find there.

  2. Clone the cable guy!

  3. Darn those pesky squirrels!!! You needed Ed standing guard with his ‘trusty’ BB gun 🙂 Well, at least it sounds like you had a good experience with getting it fixed, unlike some of our recent adventures with Dish Network!!! I agree with Jo, “Clone that cable guy!”

    As far as surveys go, I don’t know if Ed’s hospital does them, but if Ed finds out that one of his technicians is ever rude to a patient, he doesn’t take it lightly. I know he’s fired at least one tech for that!

    Yes, we have 12 (outside) cats at our house, plus the two cats we feed from Ed’s mom’s house. We, also, have two 10 year old dogs. This is the smallest number of cats and dogs we’ve had in years, though. In 2005, we had 22 cats and 5 dogs! Over the years, many have passed away. Most of our cats range in age from 13 to 10 years old, with three or four of them being a few years younger. Ed makes sure they’re all well-fed!

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