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Last  week’s post was about The House of Mars under the siege of snow, and it included a picture of my poor forlorn clothesline; the clothesline I bought when my dryer died last April. Why didn’t I buy a new dryer? Because it was of the same vintage as the  washing machine, and I just knew that if I went through the hassle of buying a dryer, taking time off to wait for delivery, etc etc, The washer would probably up and die the next day. And I’m glad I did.

The washer spun its last spin in July.


Now you may ask – why did I put off replacing them?  A natural inclination toward procrastination might be # 1 on the list. Fear would  be #2. fear? Yes fear…

That neither could pass through here.


Well, July turned to August, and August to September, and I settled into my laundromat routine. Having spent more of my life living in apartments than houses, I am quite familiar with the motions of going to the laundromat.

My best set up was my last California apartment, in Los Gatos; a tiny five unit complex. The laundry room was kitty corner to my backyard. I’d step out the door, cock my ear and if it was  quiet,  I’d come out with my basket of laundry, then go back in and continue on with whatever I’d been doing. When I heard the washer stop, I’d run out and transfer to the dryer. It actually entailed far fewer steps than here at The House of Mars.

The worst arrangement had to be my first apartment ever, in Yonkers, N.Y.  There were three washers for 60 apartments. And as if that weren’t bad enough, there were only two dryers! I was teaching at the time and, if I timed it right, I could nab a machine while the stay at home moms were cooking dinner, and before the nine-to-fivers came home. When I set out for school on washday morning, I’d leave my laundry basket just inside my apartment door and  that afternoon when I came home,  I’d enter the building by way of the  service entrance, peek into the laundry room, and if a machine was free, run like a banshee up to my apartment on the second floor and get my laundry.

But now! Doing laundry fits seamlessly into my regular routine……..

thanks to The Beach Shopping Center in nearby Peekskill.


Let’s get the question of the name out-of-the-way.  I have no idea. There’s no sand, and the nearest water is – the Hudson River about five miles to the west.

Unless you count this.


I put my laundry in the car in the morning, and after work,  go straight to the aforementioned shopping center

and park near the laundromat


walk across the parking lot and work out at the gym.


Besides doing laundry, the Beach Shopping Center also offers opportunities for take-out on nights when I have no food at home. Twenty minutes before I’m about to  leave the gym, I call next door


or maybe the other next door.


So you see it isn’t so bad. Will I ever get a new washer and dryer?? I’ll let you know if  I ever measure that door!


5 responses to “Hanging Out at The Beach

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  1. This post sure took a neat twist from what I thought it was going to be! LOL I thought maybe you’d taken a vacation away from all of the snow and ice 🙂
    Although, I must say, I enjoyed reading about your ‘laundry adventures’ very much–past and present! I had to laugh, at the end, when you said you’d sometimes call from the gym for take-out 🙂 That’s my kind of thinking…

  2. If they got the old washer and dryer in there must be a way to ge them out and new ones in.I think the sizes are pretty standard except for maybe the big fancy front loaders. I have to admit I love my washer/dryer. Judy

  3. Your post made me sad’n’homesick for the antiquated washer + dryer (both, no doubt, still chuggin’ along) sitting in the basement of my house in PDX. Going back to a laundry room was culture shock, & I still hate it! Just as I still hate not having a garage, which I always remember when missing my own wash/dry. Thanks a lot, Virginia!

  4. Virginia, what I’m wondering is, do they make skinny-Minnie washing machines? If so, you’ve solved the problem. In the meantime you have food for blogs and get to dine on Nonie’s pizza, and, Laundromats are wonderful places for material for short stories, and for blogs, if you stay inside them and listen to the dialogue instead of working out in the gym.

  5. Can’t relate to the Laundromat experience as I’ve always had access to washer & dryer. But narrow doorways – I’m an expert. Some of the new washers and dryers are almost too big to fit through a garage door, never mind your basement door. But if there isn’t a slender version then you can always consider the stacker machines (dryer above washer) designed for apartments and tight spaces. They should fit easily (we have one now) and while not enormous, are big enough for a set of sheets or several days worth of clothes. So drag that lazy butt to the store . . . maybe AFTER the steps are clear of snow?

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