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This winter and its snow deluges  prompted a couple of Weatherman/politician verbal fisticuffs recently.  A couple of week’s ago, Georgia’s governor, Nathan Deal, complained that the Weather  Service fell short in warning the Peach state of the impending storm that paralyzed Atlanta.  And last week New York’s new mayor defended his decision to keep New York City schools open based on an inaccurate weather report. Al Roker was swift in his meteorological defense in both cases, even tweeting all the way from the Olympics in Sochi to deBlasio. The gist of both defenses was Whatcha talking ’bout. We told you so.

Well, let me defend Al. I heard him on both occasions, as well as his cohorts on ABC and CBS. Both cities were warned. However, might I venture an explanation and perhaps a suggestion? Cut out all the various weather forecasting models, the European model, the Canadian model, the GFS model, all these whatever forecasts spit out by super computers somewhere up in the clouds. Or is it The Cloud?

I myself fumed one morning as good ol’ Al went through four models, yes, 1,2,3,4 of just whether or not we would get “significant” snow. Yes, eventually the weather service hit  upon the right one, but it reminded me of my high school approach to answering essay questions. Scribble down everything you know and maybe you’ll hit on the right answer

Do you think they have a model that can predict when  I’ll have full use of many essential components of the House of Mars.

Whaddya think, Al? When do you think I’ll be able to dry my clothes outdoors?


When will I be able to actually see pavement on my walk?


 When will I get my driveway back? April, May?


‘Cause I’m feeling cramped in my present driveway.




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2 responses to “Models: This New-fangled Weather Reporting

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  1. You got it! Forecasters ACCURATELY predicted both storms days in advance.

  2. Oh my! You really are buried under, aren’t you??? I hope some relief finds its way to your house, soon!
    P.S. So just how are you drying your clothes, these days?

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