Live! from NY, the Superbowl (Even if it is in NJ)   1 comment

Superbowl XLVII is six days away so it’s  time to place your bets. No, not on Denver or Seattle.  On snow or no snow. The NFL is skating on thin ice here. This is the first Superbowl ever to take place in a stadium sans dome in the heart of an east coast winter, and just their luck this is the winter of the  Polar Vortex.  But here in NY, we know it will work out because all-knowing Pepsi  tells us everywhere we look, especially in the subway.

DSCN1205NJ Superbowl? Oh yeah, the game’s actually across the river!

DSCN1201Even if it is across the river!

But never you mind – while  those Superbowlers encounter snow and traffic snarls after the game — in New Jersey, we’re fine over here in our nice warm new York apartments,  sipping Pepsi and munching of Buffalo wings. At least Buffalo is in NY!

DSCN1207Hey, hon, can you turn up the heat, and while you’re up, can you play a bit of Billy Joel?

As for the weather,  only time will tell ….and I  just consulted the all-knowing website  and found that in addition to the usual yesterday, today,  hourly, tomorrow, weekend, 5-day,  and 10-dayforecasts,  they’ve actually added a Superbowl category! The forecast for February 2 (Superbowl Sunday) in Rutherford NJ, yes, New Jersey, is 39 degrees and mostly sunny. But that’s the opinion of What does Pepsi think?


One response to “Live! from NY, the Superbowl (Even if it is in NJ)

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  1. Virginia, for once, you’ve left me speechless 🙂 LOL

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