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Who needs a calendar when you have the United States Postal Service?


I can tell the month by the junk mail contents of my mailbox. If it’s full of seed catalogs, it must be January. It was worse when I had high hopes of creating a floral paradise at The House of Mars. Back then, I’d repair to the basement each March to germinate the seeds that arrived in the mail so they’d be ready to plant in May, after the danger of frost had passed.

It took a few years but those seed companies have figured out that I now buy  clearance perennials  from Home Depot at the end of summer, plant them,  forget where and what I planted and am thrilled and surprised when a “mystery plant” appears the next summer. Now one, maybe two catalogs appear in my mailbox. But charities? That’s a different story.

All December the mail jeep specializes in end-of-the year pleas. I’m a sucker for animal charities but there came a point I decided  I could do more good by concentrating on a few,  rather than donating a few dollars to every request accompanied by a mournful picture and story of a rescued puppy or kitten.

But still, they come. And a few give me pause.

DSCN1189This one gets the award for wasteful spending.Why should I give them money when they’re sending everyone on their mailing list five cents? I can’t help but think the wolves would be better served if they spent the money on them.

DSCN1191This wins for untruth in advertising. Although I managed to miss free gift in my photo, the details within tell the whole story.

DSCN1193Their definition of free is $20.

DSCN1188This one’s the creative stretch of the imagination in interpreting where my interests lie. 4H may deal with animals, farm animals,  but I don’t think they meet a happy end after the fair.

DSCN1190And now,  a drum roll, please, for the WTF award.

When it gets a little warmer I’ll go out and see if any of my trees are willing to participate in  the survey.

Stay warm, everyone!


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  1. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who receives an abundance of junk mail! I loved your post about it 🙂

    5 degrees in your neck of the woods? I’d never make it there. Our morning low turned out to be 18, and that’s cold enough for me!!!

  2. V- I get every Catholic charity and Veterans charity in existence pulling at my heart strings…..very hard to resist. But, I must or I’ll soon need my own charity!!!

    Catherine M. Gaughan

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