Yes, Virginia, There is a Pink Cadillac   1 comment

I guess you could call this part two to A Familiar Sight, a post I wrote about how I’d been obsessed with a white dog who haunted my high school years, appearing only when I  had no witnesses,  and the current illusive Pink Cadillac who has taken  his place. So I suggest if you missed it, you take a look before proceeding.


After that initial, no camera moment, with a score of Pink Cadillac 1, Virginia 0, that dang-nab Pink Cadillac continued to haunt me. One day I looked up from my desk, and there it was approaching the building.

“Look look there it is!”  I may have startled my office mate but at least I had a witness. I grabbed my camera and ran out to the parking lot.

“Where’s the Pink Cadillac?” I asked the woman I’d nearly knocked over

Her answer? What Pink Cadillac?

How could she miss a Pink Cadillac? I began to think I was hallucinating. But no, I did have those two witnesses.

Okay – Pink Cadillac 2, Virginia 0


I took a day off a week or so later and when I returned, this photo was waiting for me in my email inbox.



Was he taunting me? Ol’ PC must have known I wasn’t there and took a leisurely saunter up the road. But what he didn’t know was that I had a trusty office mate armed with a smart  phone

OK   PC – 3   V – 0

I’d almost conceded the game when  what should I see, today? And with my camera within reach –




See,  I wasn’t crazy, not about this anyway.  He’d turned around before entering the lot. That’s why the woman I almost knocked over had said “What Pink Cadillac?”



And so we bid adieux to a mystery.



Now if only I could find that white dog!

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  1. So glad you finally got a photograph of that elusive pink Cadillac! Speaking of pink cars…When I met Ed, he drove a pink Mercury. Only a real man could pull that off 🙂

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