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I think the winter of 2013-2014 is going to be one b..tch of  a winter here in New York. Why?

I’ve been looking out my office window on this dogwood tree for nearly eight years. And never, never have I see berries on it …….

DSCN0997Until this year

Until this year

And if you recall my post Doggone, I showed you a surfeit of berries on my dear dear holly bushettes.


What has this got to do with a harsh winter? Well in  my humble opinion it’s Mother Nature,  offering the birds and squirrels extra sustenance to  tide them over through the incredibly harsh weather ahead.

And look, the birds have heard the call.

Again, I’ve never seen so many fine feathered friends porking out on this tree.


And this goes on all day.


On what do I base  my  prediction?  Past experience. I’m not sure of the year, perhaps it was 2009 or 2010,  a fall when venturing outside The House of Mars was akin to stepping onto a field just as a jet fighter began shelling everything in sight. Acorns were hitting the ground en masse. All day and all night all you heard was whack, boom, bang  as they hit neighboring roofs of houses and sheds.

A friend of mine had to take her car to the body shop to hammer out the dents, So many littered the ground that walking was hazardous. Another friend went down on his bum after stepping on a batch. I myself was beaned and practically saw stars one morning while walking dearly departed Marcos. I was glad that I took the hit instead of him.

My personal belief, which I proclaimed at the time.  was that Mother Nature was providing all these acorns  to tide the squirrels over as the mother of all winters approached. Not only the squirrels, but, with the way the acorns hit the ground with enough force to penetrate the ground, I believed new  oaks would be needed to replace those  soon to fall over the winter.

And what of it?

Trees came down like crazy!


And you know what they say about a picture being worth a thousand words?

I ran out of places to pile snow that year:


Enough said? Be prepared, and let’s  compare notes next spring.


4 responses to “You Heard it Here

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  1. Sitting On the Deck

    The plop of an acorn
    Dropping in the pond
    On a star-filled night

    The trees let go
    And gravity
    Does the rest

    In the quiet
    It’s like a shot
    The bullet piercing water
    Or crashing through the leaves

    Who could know?
    Such a small sound
    Fills a space
    Brings a dreamer
    Back to the moment
    Here, now

    Susan Schefflein

  2. Our son-in-law has predicted a cold, hard winter, too, and he usually knows about such things. I hope both of you are wrong, but fear you are both right! Only time will tell. I loved your pictures!

  3. If your predictions are right it will soon be time to pack up the cats and visit friends in the warm sunny skies of the West. PS today was the first day of rain here this year, about 1/10 inch, and the news broadcasters are going wild. It was so cold and wet I had to wear a cotton sweater to go outside 🙂

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