Marble’s Performance Review   4 comments

Today I read that Yahoo is in an uproar due to CEO Marissa Mayer’s somewhat arbitrary requirements for job performance reviews. So seeing as Marble,  the newest resident of the House of Mars, has been on the job for  two months now, I think  it’s time for his performance review. Unlike Ms Mayer,  I. as CEO of The House of Mars will be totally flexible and let you judge. Has he lived up to the expectations based on his  references. Said references being Susan, the representative of Little Orphan Animals the rescue group that had him up for adoption.

He’s quite a character”:

Witness him standing his ground as Marceau tries to move in on his territory:DSCN0880DSCN0881


He certainly loves to play.”

And he doesn’t need any  playmates. He amuses himself:


Witnessing his play solved a mystery too. How all these blankets ended up in the kitchen:


I wonder how Marcos would have rated him had he still been here  to see him dragging his beloved cat toy?





4 responses to “Marble’s Performance Review

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  1. Hilarious and so cute! Judy

  2. I give Marble a “10”, just for standing his ground! (I laughed out loud at the pics!)

  3. I think Marcus would have loved his best toy being loved again by a new “House of Mars” pet. Glad to see the new kitty is a lot better.

    Catherine M. Gaughan
  4. best of luck to you and the new member of your household.

    Bob & Judy Schavrien

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