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I’m not talking about Dr Gregory House, the anti-social doctor with diagnostic prowess of the TV program House. I’m talking about The House of Mars.

As is my wont, I try each year to put off turning on the heat until November 1, not so much for economic reasons, but as a stubborn matter of principle. Some years, it’s a struggle. But dressing in layers does the trick. Other years, I’ve had to give in. This year it looked like I was actually going to make it. It didn’t dip below 50 until last Wednesday –  October 23. I only had nine more days to go.

It wasn’t easy though. The windshield thermometer in my car registered 37 degrees on Thursday morning and 38 on Friday.  I took to taking showers at the gym and at night, piled on the blankets. Each morning I awoke to a pile of cats beside me. Anyone remember the 70’s group, Three Dog Night? I had Three Cat Night.

Then Friday happened!

I came home Friday evening to what smelled like burnt popcorn. At first I thought it was coming  from outside, that neighbors were burning some sort of weird logs in their wood-burning stove.  But when I went outside. the smell vanished. Then I realized – not only was it originating from inside, but it was burnt cat hair. Marceau had gone  through a period of sleeping on the heating unit this summer.

I went over – touched it – sure enough – still warm.


Insubordination!!!!!  It took it upon itself to heat the house. But not by much. You see I never turn it all the way off because two years ago when  I did, the pilot went out and I had to get the propane company to re-light it. I now set it to the lowest temperature, I can, without actually turning it off, assuming the house would never get that cold

Looks like I was wrong!


It came on twice more overnight. I guess the house was saying “I’m @#$!! Cold.

This weekend was warmer and by this Friday, November 1, it’s supposed to reach 65 so I’m going to stick it out. Technically, I think I’ll win. After all, I wasn’t the one who turned it on.

But I did winterize  outdoors on Saturday so outside could catch up with inside.

The  patio is empty.


The shed is full.


The screen door is out.


The storm door is in.


And now I’m ready for the long cold winter

As soon as I finish Fall.



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  1. Darn that insubordinate furnace! How dare it go against your will 🙂 By the way, I laughed out loud about your “three cat night”! Cats do hate cold, don’t they?

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