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Way, way back, a long time ago, eons and eons before Facebook existed, a student tried to “friend” her teacher.  It was a Saturday morning, mid-September 1968, and I was that teacher, a brand new third grade teacher with two weeks under my belt. Still living at home, I’d gone to the neighborhood supermarket to stock up on bread and bologna for lunch. It was an age of innocence when grocery shopping made me feel grown-up.

While I was gone, the doorbell rang and my mother went to the door to find an eight year old girl, asking “Does a girl named Miss Fair live here?” As a historical mile marker, let me pause and point out that this was five years before Ms was officially recognized! Yep, that long ago. By 1973 when I could officially call myself Ms, I had moved to my own apartment and relocated to a school far enough away from home to remain a mystery to my students.

But two of my kindergarteners from that school recently found me, and much to my delight!

About two years ago, I gave in and established a Facebook account. Last year, I received a message. It  was from KM who had been part of the last Kindergarten class I taught before moving to the Left Coast.  Now a teacher herself, she asked “Do you remember me?”

“ Not only do I remember you,” I wrote back, “I have a picture of you at my wedding.”

Her mother had brought her and her newborn baby sister to the church where I was married, and the official photographer, who happened to my own baby brother, had captured a picture  of the bride and groom leaning over and smiling at the infant.

(Another historical mile marker, that newborn is now 34 years old!)

Well I officially accepted KM as a friend. Since old habits are hard to break, and perhaps since she is a teacher herself, whenever she comments on one of my posts, she refers to me as Ms Fair because, as opposed to that third grader knocking at my door, who had Miss Fair for a teacher, KM had Ms Fair. At any rate,  Miss or Ms, I’d been meaning to tell her to call me Virginia, but never got around to it.

And I’m glad I didn’t because CH, one of her friends who’d also been in my last Kindergarten in the Bronx, upon seeing a comment KM had commented on my comment to her comment (Yes, FB can be complicated) . Now where was I? Oh yes, CH asked KM. Do you mean THAT Ms Fair.

To make a long story short. She is now my friend too, and she had the same question “Do you remember me?”

Of course I did , and both she and KM have laid rest to my fear that in the shadow of all those shall I say vibrant  little boys who hogged so much of my attention, thousand of sweet little girls had been erased from my memory.

And in that light, I second KM’s motion that we have a reunion (while I’m still ambulatory and have all my teeth.)

I promise – I won’t embarrass you by drooling over my lunch. At least I’ll do my best not to! And I won’t write a word about it!


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  1. not only won’t you drool, I’d bet money your memories of those shared hours are sharper in your mind than theirs. Have a great reunion!

  2. This blog brings back some happy memories of my teaching days, too. Yes, there were many sweet little girls…..but men, big or small always get more attention!! And, shame on us for not appreciating our “little ladies” more!!

    Catherine M. Gaughan
  3. Aw, what a sweet post! I am friends (on Facebook) with several of my former students, too. I felt honored when they issued a friend request to me, especially since most are still in high school! One of the students is actually a boy, too, believe it or not!

    In reply to your comment: I’ve suggested to Ed that we buy a power washer, but he’s ‘frugal’! I also suggested that we hire someone to clean our house with a power washer. Again, Ed’s ‘frugal’, but I suspect, by the next time the house needs washing, he’ll take one of my two suggestions seriously 🙂

    I know you are a city dweller, Virginia, but I can’t, for the life of me, understand how you love it so much 🙂

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