There’s Still Time to Place Your Bets   1 comment

The match of the year is about to take place. Once again, I will attempt to bring Marcel to the veterinarian for his rabies shot. So far he’s the unbeaten champion, having eluded me year after year. Usually I’m so traumatized I  just give up and another year goes by, but I’m determined this time. I’ve been training for a month:


Usually he runs at first sight of the carrier. So I snuck it in one afternoon in June while he was sleeping . The method to my madness? Maybe he’d get used to it and start hanging out in it.  He did actually go in it – once. I think that’s in my favor, don’t you?

The other thing in my favor, although I hesitate to phrase it that way, is that Marcos is no longer around. Marcos foiled an attempt that seemed to be going my way last time.  I’d thought it out and fashioned a perfect plan of action. I made the appointment for 11:30 on a Saturday morning, knowing  that Marcel usually took a late morning nap on one of the dining room chairs. I’d have a cup of coffee out on the patio, reading  the  newspaper like I always do on weekend mornings; everything nice and normal so not to get in the way of his routine, or raise any suspicions. Then I’d mosey on in at about 11, and innocently sit on the chair next to him; just me, humming nonchalantly and reading my paper. And when I’d worked up enough nerve, I’d scoop him up in an instant and plop him into the carrier.

What I didn’t count on was Marcos. Just one second before I was about to make my move, he decided to wake up from his own nap.


In he came and situated himself between me and Marcel. If my target had been Marceau it would have been fine. It would be a welcome distraction since Marceau loved nothing better than headbutting the dog.


But Marcel?  Marcel’s goal in life was to keep as much distance as possible between himself and the dog,


But he always did it with cat class and cat style, so after a hiss, and a graceful leap, he was in the living room.  I lunged  for him…….and missed, which didn’t make things any better.

Up he went:


Aha  – no place to go. I had him………

………..Until I didn’t. On the way down the stairs, he twisted out of my hold like a greased slinky.  The race was on again!

And once more,  he chose higher ground.


And that was when the fat lady sang. No way was I going to kill myself over a rabies shot – whether I was breaking the law or not.

The appointment was in ten minutes. I didn’t want to have to break it and possibly incur a no show fee.  And that was when curiosity killed the cat, so to speak.  Marceau moseyed on in to see what the ruckus was about.

And the next thing he was on the vet’s examining table being diagnosed with a condition – obesity.


For that I paid good money?

Tomorrow morning will find me with a new scheme. They both grow ecstatic while being brushed. Ah-ha, need I say more?

The appointment is tomorrow morning at 9 AM, so there’s still time for you to place your bet.  Me? or Marcel? Odds are……..

No, on second thought, you know what the odds are

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  1. I’ll bet on you this time! You’ve had a while to hatch your new plan 🙂 Good luck, and let us know how it goes…

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