What Are They Thinking?   1 comment

I ended the last post with a question. Are some animals suicidal? If you recall I had found a dead mouse in this bucket.


Now I ask you.  Could this be an accident? Oh yeah, little mousie  just happened to be walking around the basement  and decided to climb a foot and a half  up a bucket? Come on!

Not convinced? Okay, how about this? Have you ever been driving about in the country, and there on the side of the road is a dead skunk or opossum. It always makes me sad but it also makes  me wonder. These are the types of roads where one car passes by every two minutes, and that’s on a busy day. You mean it’s just a coincidence that as that one car is coming,  the animal  just happened to be crossing.  I know both skunks and opossums are among the slowest of mammal. So does Mother Nature.  That’s why she  gave them special powers of protection:



Skunks, their odor and


opossums,  their acting talent  – playing dead.

And then there’s those mice who come into The House of Mars during the winter. I realize their choices are limited –


stay out in the cold



Hunker down in the dreary basement or come up, using whatever secret passage known to mice,


and face these two, or


Marcos, who was still with us most of last winter, a faithful volunteer on Mouse Patrol who usually trotted off with the capture.

I don’t know about you, but I’d hightail it back down into the basement!

And before I leave the subject of death, let me make a confession, there was a death on the Mars property. DSCN0569

I’m guilty of  herbicide


You see it’s an ongoing battle when it comes to poison ivy vs yours truly.

Sometimes I win.


And sometimes PI wins. And when she does you don’t want to see me. Trust me. It’s not a pretty sight.

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  1. Good for you for taking care of that nasty poison ivy! I hate it with a passion because I’m terribly allergic, too. I thought of you today, when a squirrel nearly made a dash in front of our car…He thought better of it, just in the nick of time! Have a great week.

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