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Urban legend has it that back in the old days when our household consisted only of Papa Fair, Mama Fair, and Baby Fair, (that being me) the parental units regarded it as a great milestone being crossed when instead of throwing a tantrum at being told she had to stop playing, or turn off the TV, Baby Bear would sigh and say in her teeniest of baby voices, “I don’t wanna but I will.”

Baby Fair doesn’t know how long this lasted since she cannot remember ever having said those words, but she did get tired of hearing them sin,ce Mama and Papa F. laughed and retold it over and over. During her indignant teen years she regarded it as yet another case of her will having been broken. As  the years went by she realized it was typical of the good ole V’ster. Even back then, she had managed to get the last word in.

It doesn’t happen often but I do hear those words come out of my mouth; four times a year, to be precise. And last Saturday was one of those times. As you know, I’d completed every other spring chore that had to be done at the House of Mars, so there was no putting off this one. The time had come for the most dreaded job in the world as far as I’m concerned, the absolute most dreaded job in my whole repertoire of dreaded jobs.

(Could we have a bit of dirge music)


 Through the gate



Down some stairs


Down some more stairs (uh oh, stairs need re-finishing)


To the basement door (note to self; door needs painting)



Into the basement


Into the inner bowels of the basement ……

…..to face the dreaded chore of …………

replacing the whole house water filter .



This is probably foreign to most of you. But the lucky ones among us, those who have a well know only too well

Ha Ha – Well and Well. (Oops sorry)

Now where was I?  Oh yes, we know that sediment gets stirred up by the well pump and if the filter is not changed regularly, the sand and sediment will get into the water pipes, and from there into our faucets and toilet workings and  pretty soon we find ourselves calling the plumber to replace vital parts of  the toilets and the faucets…..So every three months, I say I don’t wanna but I will, and I do.

It’s really a simple job entailing turning off the main water valve, removing the filter housing, taking out the dirty filter, washing out the housing, and fitting it with a new filter.


That done, just turn the water back on and you’re good for another three months.

But being prone to what ifs , I worry.

  • What if, I can’t get the water back on.
  • What if I don’t replace the gasket right and the filter housing leaks?
  • What if I replace the gasket right, turn the water back on, go back upstairs and unbeknownst to me, it starts leaking and keeps leaking …. For three months

Thus the ever-present bucket.


And this time I discovered a what if had come to pass; one that I never ever would have anticipated on my most sleepless toss and turn nights.

You see there’s always a bit of water in the bucket but this time there seemed to be a lot of sediment at the bottom. Or so I thought until I looked a little closer, but heaven be praised – not too close.

It was no sediment, it was a mouse who’d been dead for some time.


Under his yellow plastic headstone.


RIP little mousie.

Finding poor little mousie brought up a question I’ve often pondered. Well, not often, but once or twice. And so I leave it with you.

Are some animals suicidal?

Think about it and, we’ll talk next week.

What? I heard that! Who said I don’t wanna but I will?


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  1. We’ve never filtered our water, and we have a well, too. I don’t know of anyone in our area who does. This could explain why our outdoor faucets wear out regularly!
    As for animal suicide–I think the turtles around here are suicidal because they’re always crossing the highway.

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