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John Lennon had his Instant Karma and George Michael and Culture Club had Karma Chameleon but the karma I’m talking about is Plant Karma.

Karma and reincarnation are beliefs I seem to have been born with. Even though I dutifully memorized all the questions and answers in the Baltimore Catechism in parochial school, I could never take to heart the one-chance lifetime that led to an everlasting heaven or hell. As far back as the second grade I’d lay awake trying to picture heaven as life without end. I always came to an end. Other nights I’d think “what if I used to be George Washington and just forgot about it.

When I got a little older I took pride in being an American and I figured I must have done something good to earn the right to be born in America, and in New York, on top of that, while other children were suffering in poverty in India or under oppression behind the Iron Curtain. I had no name for it at the time but it all came back to me when I learned about Karma.

Well now that Spring is finally here in NY, I’m back walking at lunch time, and in the midst of one, my monkey mind wandered and stumbled on karma in the plant world. How else can you explain why some plants are pampered pets?



And others defy all odds yet live and grow?




What a plant can have done wrong to come back as a weed, I wondered, and then I corrected myself. No No! Bad!  Bad! Not weed!

A very old memory had come flooding back to me. It was 1980 and the day I became enlightened as to PC words. Not not politically correct. Plant correct.

I was visiting Yosemite National Park with The Man I Was Married To, (TMIWMT) and we were taking a tour of the forests on the Valley floor led by a Park Ranger. TMIWMT had a question. I don’t recall what it was. All I remember was that he used the word weed.

Well, poor TMIWMT, the ranger took umbrage at that word. They were wild plants and wildflowers, and had every right to be there. Weed implied an interloper so if you came right down to it humans were the weeds here in the forest.

  I don’t think TMIWMT ever used the word weed again for the duration of our time together. Nor did I. In our garden there were the intentionally planted flowers and vegetables and then there were what we called volunteers.

And so here, look at these volunteers and tell me. What do you think they did in their last incarnation to deserve a 2013 life like this?-










I was just thinking…….


Volunteers perform  good works, don’t they. And that’s good karma. So do you think any of these guys will come back next years looking like this?




2 responses to “Volunteer Karma

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  1. Some of the “volunteers” are much tougher than the pampered plants. I love to see a field of dandelions all in bloom, in other peoples lawns, of course.

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