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This is the first of my 46 blog posts to lack pictures. You can’t hear my screams. That’s because I’m screaming on the inside….at myself for the travesty I caused  to my blog. I realize I’m melodramatic but that is how I felt when I found out.

Now that I’ve confused you all, maybe I should start at the beginning. That would be about a month ago…. a phone call from  my friend, CM

 “I printed out your blog just like always but the pictures didn’t come out.”

CM has no computer at home so I send her the link at work and she prints the blog post and reads it on the train ride home.

I had no answer for her but then she hadn’t asked a question. I guess it could be called a rhetorical comment. I attributed it to her computer. After all, computers love to throw you a curve ball every once in a while, don’t they? My go-to solution is re-boot.

 I forgot all about it until last week when I received an email from E., one of my neighbors who’d just discovered my blog.

“I’ve been reading all your past blogs entries but some don’t seem to have any pictures – just a square  with red X where the pictures should be.

She too assumed it was her computer, maybe the Windows XP running it. So she tried to read them on a friend’s computer that was running Windows 7 – same problem.

Hmm, now I was stumped….until  a ghostly suspicion set my brain-a-shivering.

Could I have done it?  Maimed my sweet innocent blog posts? Left them looking like slices of Swiss cheese?

A pulsating memory in red, like the emergency flashers on a car left me staring wide-eyed into space. A  three word question: Delete this permanently?

And I watched my own fingers on the keyboard okaying the deletion.

There I go again, rambling on incoherently. Let me back up and explain.

I’ve always heard that photos take up a lot of memory on a hard drive, all those bits, bytes, and butts. And so every time I take pictures, I’m very selective in choosing which photos to download from my camera.

Well, back in the fall, WordPress, the platform I use in publishing this blog went through a bit of a facelift behind my back.

One day I was downloading pictures for a post, just like always when this screen called a Media Library popped up. I had to drag and drop each photo I wanted to use to the Media Library, and then select it to post from there. 

But the following week when that danged Media Library popped up, all the previously posted pictures were still there. But I had no time for dealing with them, I had a blog to get out. So I dragged more pictures into the Media Library and gave it my permission to include them in the post. Week after week, I dragged in new pictures, and week after week, there they stayed.

How much hard drive was I using up with all these pictures?  I began to worry. The  originals  were stored in The Windows Photo Gallery on my computer and now these duplicates  in The Media Library were taking up more space.

(Isn’t it w onderful that while I live in a tiny house, my photos reside in a place with a gallery and a library.)

And this is where I think I began to lose it, each time I posted a new entry, I swear I could hear my mother: “You can’t drag in any more photos until you clean up your Media Library.

 So obediently I began deleting a few used ones before adding new ones. It was a very slow process because each time I selected a photo, the library asked

Delete this permanently?

And each time, I selected


Ironically I was worried that maybe I was also deleting the originals from my Windows Photo Gallery, so I’d check each time. Never did it enter my thick skull that delete permanently meant suck them out of the blog, leaving behind only a square with a red X to mark their burial spot.

There was only one way I could find out. I recalled deleting a photo of pile of chile peppers and a folded tortilla from the post A Tisket, a Tasket, A Pretty Pepper Basket so I went to the blog and Waah, scream, It looked like a target at a shooting gallery

The only saving grace is that I never finished cleaning out The Media Gallery……

 (“Well you’re not going anywhere until you finish “ Sorry – that’s my mother again. )

But as I was saying, not finishing is a good thing . It means all the older posts still have their photos.

Maybe I’ll go back and see if I can put the photos back, at least the ones featuring The Three Mars featured, Marcel, Marceau, and the late Marcos……and The Amazing Adaptibilty of Animals with all their friends….and maybe…….

What’s that? Can you hear that?

“Don’t worry your pretty little head with all that. The important thing is that you learn from your mistakes and don’t repeat them.”

That was my daddy.

And I promise, next week my new post will have pictures!



3 responses to “The Big Picture Slowly Emerges

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  1. Oh boy! Don’t you just hate it when things like this happen? Thank goodness you didn’t finish the job 🙂

  2. So that it explains it and all along I thought it was my stupid computer. CM

    Catherine M. Gaughan

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