A Scream Rings Out From The House of Mars   7 comments

The following is a true story, and appropriately, it occurred a few days before Halloween. I’d intended to post it on Halloween but Hurricane Sandy left me without electricity. I’m grateful that’s the only problem I suffered, and  feel terrible for those who lost  t heir homes, or those in homes with no heat on a night as cold as this – 28 degrees, here at The House of Mars.

My power was restored after five days  –  so now I can recount the story of the scream.


The night promised nothing out of the ordinary. I came home from my usual evening workout at the gym to find the cat brothers hanging out on Marcos “just in case” puppy pads.

Same old same old, so I walked around them on my way to the bedroom.

It was when I came back, that I noticed the face-off stance which could mean but one thing – mou-house!

Sure enough Marcel crouched on the left and Marceau on the right and between them, a very still, but alive, mouse.

Reasonable facsimile of the mouse

My first move was prompted by self-preservation. I went back and shut the bedroom door. I’ve been wakened more than once by Marcel jumping onto my bed to share a squeaking mouse. On my way back to the scene of the impasse it came to me. There was only one honorable thing to do: come to the rescue of the mouse.

I grabbed a towel out of the bathroom, and before you could spell c-a-t  the mouse disappeared

I scooped up the towel, opened the door and flung the towel out into the dark before the brothers even knew what happened  I came back side quite pleased with myself

and then I saw it

 I’d missed the mouse.

I was rushing back outside to get the towel when I saw the tall slim figure facing me in the door way. And “he” wasn’t going away. He was coming towards me. It was all happening so fast that I couldn’t stop. I let out a scream as I crashed into him.

And then I realized. I’d crashed into myself

It was my reflection in the storm door.

You see, with Fall coming on, I taken out the screen panel the previous day, and replaced it with the heavy full glass  panel. I’d forgotten all about it.

But some good came out of it. That recurring dream I have,  the one that I’m being chased and can only utter a breathy whispered  eee, eee – well, that’s all it is, just a dream. My scream was a full-bodied Aah.

As for the mouse? I got him on the second try.


And the brothers?

They decided it was getting cold there on the tile floor

And where was Marcos. my “guard dog” ?

I told you it was just an ordinary night.

7 responses to “A Scream Rings Out From The House of Mars

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  1. OMG! I completely forgot that you live in New York! I’ve been praying for all of it’s residents (and New Jersey, too), so I’ve been praying for you without realizing it 🙂 So glad you are okay, and now have the power back on, and no damage! My heart goes out to those not so fortunate.

    As for the mouse story, I think all of us have one of those! Mine entails Ed once shooting at a mouse with a bb gun–in my kitchen! Fortunately, back then he was a better shot than he is these days…

  2. I laughed so hard I had tears coming down my face!!!

  3. I have to say that is a really beautiful mouse! Very cute!

  4. OH MY GOSH…This is toooo funny! I know exactly how you must have felt, living alone and already hyped up from the mouse there was no other thing to do but SCREAM! LOL

    Cathie in Colorado
  5. Great story!

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