Seven Years, Seven Long Years   10 comments

No, I’m only kidding. It’s hard to believe seven years have vanished since The Twin Princes of Silence took up residency in The House of Mars. Come to think of it until they moved in, the house was known only as “my house.” They were the first two Mars.

Marcel and Marceau?

For newcomers to this blog – the cat brothers earned their names on the day we met. September 11, 2005   –  when they rode all the way home from the pet adoption fair in my truck, without uttering a peep (or I guess I should say a meow,)  and this was at least  twenty miles. You cat owners will vouch for me, won’t you – a cat who doesn’t howl, mewl, or cry the minute their placed in a carrier, let alone, the car? How rare is that? And this was two cats!

With no sound to distract me I went through “quiet” names –

Harpo?  No.

Charlie?  No.

Well how about Chaplin? Nah.

I’ve got it – Marcel Marceau. Yes!

Since one look at the two of them nested like spoons in the adoption cage had been all I needed to interpret the “I’m in charge here”  look Marcel shot at me,  he got the first name, and Sweet I’m leaning on my brother Marceau got the second name.

A lot has changed since that day, starting with the mute act.  These two are the most demandingly talkative cats I’ve ever lived with.

Feed me!

Pet Me! Brush me.

No, my turn.

Wake up, I’m hungry

And in case I don’t get the message, Marcel follows up with a head but while Marceau employs a soft but insistent tap with his front paw.

The Twin Princes of Silence?

Then there’s that sub-title, obviously given to them before the stampedes For no discernible reason, one or the other will take off on a wild tear through the house, and whichever one it isn’t  will follow on his heels. Back and forth, room to room, changing directions until Marcos (the canine Mar) lumbers to his feet to investigate. (Thank you Marcos, that always does the trick.) They are still Marceau and Marcel, but the subtitle is now a toss-up – The Wild Horses, or The Twin Princes of Terror.

And in This Corner…….

 Like two old bachelor roommates, The brothers know each other’s every move, and quite often a move that is ignored one minute can spark a rip-roaring,  roll around the floor battle the next. Screeches fill the air; clumps of fur collect on the ground until curious Marcos once again comes to the rescue, separating them with a sniff and a poke of his nose. Whether on riot patrol or referee, duty, Marcos is worth his weight in dog food.

………The Heavyweight

Speaking of weight, the champion  in that category is Marceau.  I’m ashamed to say he tipped the scales at eighteen pounds at his last check-up. But we’re trying – he’s on a non-voluntary diet.  And Marcel helps.   He’s the faster eater, and true to his I’m the bossin charge demeanor, it takes but one nudge to push Marceau away from his food.

Yes, these two are some pair. Inseparable, if not insane. When the fight’s over, the food’s all gone, and they’re plain tuckered out form the chase, there’s nothing like a brother to lean on.

Enough from me. Meet the brothers

Here we are in 2006

I don’t know why I’m on a diet.

Hey, that’s enough, You’re on a diet.

Time for a nap.



Move over, you’re crowding me


No! You move over.


Oh, never mind.

And, just in case you ever forget………….

I’m in charge around here.


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10 responses to “Seven Years, Seven Long Years

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  1. The only time I get to see them is in pictures.

  2. congratulations on getting your blog out there.

    visual presentation is attractive.


    Bob & Judy Schavrien
  3. Oh my goodness! It’s the week for stories about “tuxedo” cats, huh? (and name choosing dilemmas) I just love black and white kitties. I have a female tux who would have made a great mate for your Marceau. She hangs out at the outside feeding station, and cleans out everyone else’s bowls–when she needs to be on a diet! We call her “Fat Susan”. Marceau has her by a few pounds, but she’s still a fat and sassy one. You’d never know she was the same skinny cat that I brought home from the shelter about 7 years ago..

  4. Yeah when in the cage they usually go into a full blown meowing rage. Fun how they can run at nothing too, they just go round and round and beat the heck out of each other, eat, go to the litter box, run some more, clean, take a nap, oh what the life.

    • Yes, whenever i set out for work on a cold rainy day and leave them sleeping on the couch I always say if there is reincarnation I want to come back as a cat that belongs to someone like me.

  5. Man, it’s nice that they’ve got eachother and play around and stuff. You’d think all that play would make the overweight one get his weight under control, lol. We’ve got 2 cats, too, and I can vouche for you, they never shut up, not even for a moment, the second you put them in a cat carrier. Cat carriers are like meow factories. It’s ridiculous. It sounds like they’re being murdered in there the way they meow and carry on. Crazy cats!

  6. They are so cute together! We have two “brothers from another mother” cats that we got from a rescue group. They are absolutely inseparable too. It’s so fun to watch them interact!

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