Two Words of Advice for Quarterback Mark Sanchez   3 comments

Hi Mark,

I’m not a real big football fan but I watch games. Actually I watch the instant replays. I’m usually reading  or checking my email when you’re playing but  when I hear yelling I know something good happened. So I look up and wait for the replay. This way I get to see all the important plays without all that huddling and standing around.

The reason I’m writing is because I heard the Jets are bringing  in that Tim Tebow. I saw you on TV saying  kind words about him but it has to hurt. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure you’ll play great and they won’t need Mr Tebow.  But just in case (you can’t have too many  just in cases) Yes, just in case things start to go downhill, here’s a word of advice. No, here’s two words of advice:

That’s right. Depew Park .

In case you’ve been so involved in your playing that you never delved into Jets history, here’s why Depew Park is the place for  you  guys.

Now I’m sure you know enough Jets history to know what happened  to the Jets in 1969. But if you want  the details ask that nice Mr. Namath, Joe Willie, BroadwayJoe. He’ll tell you all about the good old days.

So what has the team been up to for the last forty three years?  I hear you tried practicing out on Long Island but Hofstra didn’t bring any rings.  Neither did going all the way upstate to Cortland,  still ring-less. Florham Park? New Jersey – nuff said.

Maybe Peekskill’s worth another try. Come on, I’ll take you on a tour of the park.

Here’s the field. As you can see in winter, it’s not very crowded.

And when you need a break, you can just chill out with a Gatorade or two.

The pool’s closed now but in August when you start training, it will be great for cooling off after running sprints.

Or maybe you just want a quite place to go over those plays.

Grill a steak or two after practice?

Shoot a few hoops?

Hit a few balls across the net?

As you can see, winter’s a quiet time, just us hard core runners

and dog walkers

So, next time you see Coach Rex Ryan, take him aside and give him the good word. No, two good words. Depew Park.

And as for Timmy Tebow, well we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.



3 responses to “Two Words of Advice for Quarterback Mark Sanchez

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  1. I don’t partake in football of any sorts….except when mom calls to tell me the Steelers (hummmm even spell check does’t care for Steelers) are beating the Bronco’s then I might, just might take a peek.

  2. I’m not much of a football fan either, but I do admire Tim Tebow. I hope things work out for him with the Jets We still miss him here in the south.

    In response to your comment on my post, No, I don’t recall seeing that show about the family leaving 9-5, and becoming more self sufficient, but I’ll bet it was interesting (and a bit funny, if it’s anything like us!) It’s been so many years since we’ve done any farming, it’s almost like starting out new! I learn new things each day–and appreciate all of our modern conveniences more and more 🙂

    I also wanted to mention something about my jury duty experience. There was much more to the story about the lady, than what I blogged about. There was a will change attempt involved, as well as a few other “questionable” things. The original deal between the man and his niece was for her to get paid within 3 months whenever his $100.000 CD matured. He got the money when the CD matured, but by then I think his niece had her eye on a bigger prize–a house and $30,000 to fix it up with, so I guess she wasn’t too worried about the $180 per week that they originally agreed on. When asked why she didn’t collect her pay, she said “I didn’t know he was going to die.” She was also on her third lawyer by the time she finally got to court!

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